Our commitment to a culture of compliance

Varco Hospice is committed to providing the community it serves with quality, compassionate hospice care, while maintaining the highest ethical standards of conduct, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations established by State and Federal governments. Varco Hospice is committed to maintaining a Compliance Program that supports a culture of compliance within the organization by promoting the prevention, detection and resolution of unethical conduct.

What Is a Culture of Compliance?

It is important to first understand what Culture and Compliance really mean, so that we may better understand what a Culture of Compliance is.

Culture: A way of thinking, behaving or working that exists in a place or organization; the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or organization (Merriam Webster).

Compliance: Conformity in fulfilling official requirements; the act of doing what you have been asked to do (Merriam Webster).

Compliance is not about being a regulatory expert; Compliance is about saying and doing the right thing, whether that be in interacting with potential or active patients, the community or with other employees within the organization. Compliance is also about understanding the consequences of saying or doing the wrong thing, whether by mistake or intent.

Compliance within an organization simply means adhering to rules and regulations in order to avoid consequences that could severely affect an organization’s operations; whereas a Culture of Compliance within an organization is a group of individuals knowing they have compliance responsibilities, understanding what is expected of them, and wanting to do the right things for the right reasons, which has an impact on every aspect of the organization.

Leadership Statement

Although Varco Hospice expects its entire staff to follow the Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct established by the organization, Varco Hospice expects its leadership team to set the example. Leadership ensures that those whom they supervise have the information necessary to comply with laws and regulations, and that they have sufficient resources and support to address and resolve ethical dilemmas. Leadership is expected to foster a Culture of Compliance among the staff, and to promote high standards of ethics and compliance that encourages staff to share concerns.

Varco Hospice Compliance Program provides its staff with an understanding of the organization’s commitment to a compliance culture, and its commitment to:

  • Adherence to Federal and State laws and regulations;
  • Providing staff with the resources and support to comply with these laws; And
  • Ensuring that staff understand the consequences of violating the law.

Varco Hospice Compliance Program includes:

  • Written Policies & Procedures;
  • Code of Ethics, Standards of Conduct;
  • A Designated Compliance Officer & Compliance Committee;
  • Compliance Training & Education Program;
  • Effective, Open Lines of Communication;
  • Ongoing Auditing & Monitoring of Organizational Compliance;
  • Enforcement of Compliance Standards;
  • Prompt Response to Detected Offenses;