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Alejandrina Barron Easley
Alejandrina Barron Easley
There arnt enough words to express how Varco has helped my family and i my mother was very sick drs didnt give her much hope or help that's ¹when varxo swooped in a went above and beyond my mother had been so miserable after multiple back to back stays at a few different hospitals in 1 week they kept sending her home she got weaker and weaker Suba and her team at varco came in snd helped really helped. i was overwhelmed and with love and kindness they have helped my mother become healthier I was afraid I was losing my mother basically teetering on life and death she was very unstable very sick they saved they day covering every aspect of csre they made sure even my mother walked through her home doors she had all her suppies and medications as well as a very comfortable bed if you want a company where your concers are heard and you loved one of given the highest of standards of care dont look any further Varco is the company to call and Suba us your girl Today my mother was up and arounf smiling feeling like herself again thank you Varco Suba Marion Anthony Jocelyn all of VArcos wonderful people for taking care of my mother we are going into to this new yr witha hope and happiness that we didn't have New Year New you ❤️thank you for everything we could have never have done this alone
Juan E. Vasquez
Juan E. Vasquez
Varco Home Health & Hospice helped my family during a difficult time. Saba went above and beyond to make sure my relative was well taken care of from beginning to end. I am very Thankful for Varco & Saba will forever be a Blessing to my family! Thanks Varco & Thanks Saba for all your hard work!
Meda Mckinney
Meda Mckinney
I have had a wonderful experience working with Varco. Each day brings new opportunities to grow professionally and personally while being part of a team that genuinely cares and treats everyone like family. This company truly invests in those dedicated to its mission. The strong community and shared purpose at Varco make it a great workplace.
Sharon Toran
Sharon Toran
I have had the pleasure of working with Varco Home Health & Hospice for the last 2 years and value the family-like's a great culture. The payrates are fair and there is definitely opportunity for growth. The owners are kind and considerate and appreciate good work ethics. The Varco team has been hand-picked and are a joy to work with. I am extremely happy at Varco and appreciate the opportunity!
Jocelyn Toran
Jocelyn Toran
I love working at Varco. Everyone is so kind and caring. This truly is the best place to work!
William Waterson
William Waterson
There are really no words hospice to me are angels just in a different form here on earth they not only gave my mother the comfort but they expressed it to her son also and by knowing what was coming and what to expect and preparing me for it it made it so much easier for me and before I knew it I was receiving that comfort also My mother was at peace and that is the one thing I could not give her when these ladies came in I saw almost instantly My mother was relaxed She was in a warm place full of comfort no more pain and I truly am grateful for everyone who took care of her and took the time to get to know her as well as her son truly humble and gracious of each and every one of you thank you and God bless
JoAnn Lee
JoAnn Lee
Saba and her team went above and beyond to make a very difficult situation bearable . They took excellent care of my Dad and our family until the end. He was comfortable throughout and had a very peaceful transition. I am so grateful for their professionalism and their kindness.
Kim Hightower
Kim Hightower
Varco Hospice took care of my mom in her last month of life. Saba and the entire staff were amazing, from the nurses to the assistants that bathed her until the end. They were amazing during a time when I was so full of grief. We had medicine when we needed it and at the end someone with us to make sure my mother was comfortable. They helped me understand how I could best support my mom during the last hours and made sure she did not experience any pain. If you get to a place where you need a hospice, I would absolutely recommend Varco.
Kitten Cole
Kitten Cole
I recently lost my father who only received a few days of service from Varco Hospice where we met a group of the warmest ,caring ,compassionate professionals.My family and I say Thank You! Give Varco Hospice a try you won't be sorry! The Galetka/ Coles

Achievements & Accreditations

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Services Varco provides

We understand that this is an extremely challenging time.  We are the accountable, flexible and reliable partner during this time of need for our patients and thier families

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In-home hospice care

Varco Hospice provides in home hospice care depending on the patients wish and comfort, with 24/7 monitoring, vigilant medication, and thorough health checks, to keep the patient as fit, healthy, and happy as can be.

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Palliative Care

Our team knows life-limiting diseases can cause physical and mental fatigue. Thus, the Varco Family come with a purpose-driven palliative therapy plan to bring relief to patients and their loved ones.

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Veterans Care

The state warriors, our veterans, are our pride and thus we help them in all we can. We aim to reduce their physical and psychological impacts of battle, while providing a calm and comfortable environment with them at the center.

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Grief Support

Going above and beyond hospice care, our team provides grief and bereavement support for the patients’ loved ones post passing to enable closure and help process the loss.

In-patient hospice care

Your loved ones deserves expert inpatient hospice care when they cannot be managed at home. With a highly experienced and elitely trained professional team to look after your loved one every single minute at our location.

Multiple Therapy types

We provide multiple therapies depending on the patient's needs. Our team of therapists works with the patient, family as well as the facility to coordinate therapy care

Areas We Service


1880 S Dairy Ashford, Suite: 402 Houston, TX 77407
Phone: 713-581-9198
Fax: 888-286-7442

Dallas Fort Worth

2300 Valley View Lane, Suite: 338 Irving, TX 75062
Phone: 682-300-2275
Fax: 682-888-1325

San Antonio

1880 S Dairy Ashford, Suite: 402, Houston, TX 77407
Phone: 210-634-1350
Fax: 888-286-7442

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About Varco Hospice

Varco is family owned and operated, we have been providing exceptional care for over 5 years, and our team has a combined experience of more than 300 years! This team of personalized care specialists is comprised of highly dedicated clinicians, social workers, chaplains, aides, and therapists who are dedicated to serving you and your loved ones at every turn possible. 

Our primary service area is Houston and surrounding cities.  Other contiguous areas are served on request.  We are licensed by the state of Texas, certified by the federal Medicare program, and have received national accreditation from the Accreditation Commission for Health Care, demonstrating our commitment to meeting and exceeding the highest national standards for quality.

Connected care makes effective care

How can Varco help?

We understand how difficult it can be to know what to do in a stressful time like this. At Varco Hospice, we make it easier for you to make the right decision. From the patient’s health to the loved ones’ social and emotional support – we are there for you, every step of the way. 

Call us for a free virtual or in-home no obligation visit.  We will help you get the assistance needed to stay comfortable and at home. Email, Call, or use our Live Chat at any time to speak directly with the expert 5 star care team available to you.

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