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Varco Hospice Care Careers 

At Varco Hospice we give you the opportunity to enter the world of hospice care, extend your influence, and make a lasting impact.

We offer holistic hospice care in Houston, TX. From respite care to intensive care, inpatient care, palliative therapy, grieve counseling, and beyond; we do all that we can to help the patient and their family.

When you join us, we expect you have the desire to do the same.

Profession Choices 
The medical care team at Varco Hospice Care is diverse:
Hospital Medical Director
Social Worker
Nurse Care Manager
Bereavement Counselor

Home Health Aide

If you fit into any of these roles, or simply have the desire to progress hospice care career in Houston, fill out the employment application form.

Employment Application


 When applying, make sure to append these documents to your application:
  • Valid Texas Driver’s License 
  • Social Security Card 
  • Copy of Private Vehicle Insurance (current)
  • Tuberculosis Test Results (Chest x-ray or PPD test)
  • Current CPR Card 
  • Void Check for Direct Deposit 
  • Professional License (if applicable)

The Process 

First Step: We receive your application.

Second Step: Our team reviews and shortlists.

Third Step: Interview calls are made. 

If you fit in our hospice care team, we will extend an offer to you. 

Help Us Help Others! 

Choose the career to reach out to those in need
 If you feel that our missions align and we can work together, feel free to reach out to us or directly apply. 

Our applications are open throughout the year. 

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