In-home Hospice Care

At Varco Hospice Care, we have one goal: to help our patients enjoy their final days as independently as possible and part with this world in a dignified manner. 

Our in-home hospice care services in Houston, Texas, are planned to facilitate just that.

Home Hospice Care Provider

In-home hospice care for people in Houston can vary according to their health and preferences.

  • Patients able to perform basic tasks and have stable symptoms are visited by a hospice nurse every week or predetermined period.
  • If pain symptoms heighten or are experienced irregularly, a palliative nurse will remain beside the patient for up to eight hours.
  • Our team of hospice and palliative care specialists is approachable 24/7 via telecare. A hospice doctor can also arrive immediately for emergency medical care.

From physiotherapy to social work assistance, Varco Hospice caters to all our patients’ needs round the clock.

Compassion And Respect

The final stages of a person’s life are emotionally and physically taxing. We understand what our patients go through.

That is why Varco is all about delivering compassionate hospice care for the elderly and terminally ill. Every hospice caregiver and nurse tends to patients with respect and affection.

We at Varco Hospice Care want patients to feel empowered and experience the privilege of independence they deserve.

Complete Hospice services at home

We bring the hospice care hospital to the patient’s home, so they do not have to go through the trouble.

Along with regular visits by care providers, Varco Hospice sets up the latest medical equipment at homes to monitor and manage patients’ health.

Hospice care at home also involves working with family members and walking them through the needs and medications of the patient.

Leaving the world is not easy, but at home, around family, is where one wants to be when the time comes.

We can fulfill this final wish of yours and your loved ones!