Our Core Values

The Varco Promise

We promise to care for the mind, body and spirit in a way that is comforting and compassionate.

We promise to be the difference in our customers’ day, working to make every moment a personal one and creating memorable moments.

We promise to discover what is important to our customers, respect their choices and do our best to service their needs.

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Our focus

We take the time to understand our customers specific needs as they relate to their unique condition.  We engage with the family from the very beginning to ensure that everyone is involved in the care plan immediately.  We pride ourselves on having highly qualified, well trained professionals who demonstrate positive attitudes and excellent work ethic.  We take the time to make sure specific skills and trails that are critical for our customers are adhered to every step of the way.

Our team prides in being well prepared to provide the best care possible.  We are very diligent in making sure to understand what our customers specific requirements are and their progression through the process.

Our Mission

Provide optimal comfort and dignity to our patients through their end of life journey.  Focus on the patient and family goals encompassing medical, mental and spiritual needs through the journey.

Our Vision

Offer the right care and the right time and the right way with the focus on comfort through the journey.