Veterans Hospice Care

Hospice Care for Veterans

Truly Honoring And Serving Those Who Once Served For Us! 

A Heroic Conclusion to a Valiant Journey

Our veterans have been at war for us, sacrificed for us, and suffered for us. 

Varco Hospice Care salutes the courage of the veterans and honors them for all they have done by providing premium hospice care in Houston, Texas.

A Holistic Hospice Care Program

We have created a distinctive, 2-pronged hospice care plan for our veterans by keeping their illness and needs in mind. 

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Our Veterans: Our Pride

Not just another provider of hospice care in Houston, Texas, we customize the hospice care format to one worthy of our beloved veterans. 

Our team honors them by exploring their rich military past and celebrating their achievements through bedside salutes and pin-the-uniform ceremonies. 

When the time comes, we also help arrange a memorable memorial service for their services. 

Our veterans made our lives easier, the least we can do is make their end happier.

Varco Hospice Care: Saluting our veterans for their services. 

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Physical Hospice Services

Post combat, military veterans are left with many scars and even chronic diseases in some cases. 

Cardiac disorders, prostate cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and Hodgkin’s Diseases are only some of the many illnesses they may face. 

Our hospice care team helps ease the pain through:

  • Medication-assisted pain management 
  • Feel-good exercises
  • Assistance in daily tasks 
  • Musical relief 
  • Palliative therapy

We do all that it takes to make our patients smile a little more and stress a little less. 

Psychological Hospice Care

The battle can leave mental wounds, culminating in Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD). 

With Varco’s in home hospice care, the patient’s emotional wellbeing is enhanced via:

  • Animal therapy 
  • Volunteer assistance 
  • Occupational therapy 
  • Emotional support 

While the events of the war can leave our veterans depressed, our home nursing team strives to return the happiness to life – even if it is in the final moments.