A New Concept in Senior Medical Care- Now in Houston, Texas!

Seniors deserve the best medical care possible. This new concept by Dedicated Senior Medical Center aims to achieve that goal. Today Kash Mahmood the host of Second Half of Life and owner of Varco Hospice and Home Health Care visits with 3 dedicated professionals about this new concept and what it will mean for seniors in Houston, Texas. A few questions Kash will ask:

1.Tell us who we have with us, your roles, and little bits of what you do?

2. How is Dedicated Senior Medical Center (DSMC) a new concept in senior care? What makes you different?

3. Dr. Neimeyer, as a physician what attracted you to this new model of care?

4. As a physician, why do you feel it is so important for seniors to have consistent primary care?

5. What is the difference between the doctors at DSMC and any other Doctors office?

6. Do you accept all types of Medicare?

7. How many locations do you have in Houston?

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